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We provide customers with halogen-free flame retardant solutions

We focus on providing customized services to customers, according to customer demand for customers to solve the halogen-free flame retardant at the same time, reduce R & D and production costs, so that customers in the market products have a higher
competitiveness, alternative imports, cost High, used in engineering plastics PP, PA6, PA66, PA6T, PA9T, PBT and other modified
materials, TPU, TPE cable and other industries, as well as epoxy, polyester, acrylic and other thermosetting resin.


Quality is the life of enterprises, special magnesium benefits to quality of survival, to manage for efficiency. "Synchronization with science and technology, the pursuit of excellence, to give top-notch" is Magnesium Lee unremitting efforts of the goal. 

Products are mainly used in

Engineering plastics modified materials


Quality is the life of enterprises, special magnesium benefits to quality of survival, to manage for efficiency
Development Status of Flame Retardant Polymer Materials
Technical Difficulties and Flame Retardant Standard for Halogen - free Flame Retardant Cables
Flame retardant board features
Save the area 5000 pounds, they use a combustible polyethylene insulation board, filled with the London fire this whole building
Flame retardant to seize the high-end customers in the plastics industry
Flame retardant masterbatch wide range of products complete, help tire industry high-end product development
Flame retardant strong into the environmentally friendly cable materials to help customers build a low smoke halogen-free flame


Huizhou special magnesium-new materials Technology Co., Ltd., is set production and sales as one of the company, the main production halogen-free nitrogen and phosphorus flame retardant, focusing on halogen-free flame retardant R & D sales and services, product positioning for the service High-end customer groups, is now a few foreign-funded enterprises to provide raw materials.
Halogen-free flame retardant products for the company's latest development of a high-performance environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant, in line with ROHS, REACH requirements for the nitrogen and phosphorus macromolecular structure, combined with nano-embedded dispersion technology, Good dispersion, to retain some of the original properties of the material, and the material has excellent compatibility, with excellent dispersion, high phosphorus and nitrogen content, the impact on the mechanical properties of the product is minimal, does not produce moisture absorption phenomenon, The surface is not sticky slip, excellent flame resistance, good thermal stability, in the combustion process to produce expansion of carbon layer to achieve heat insulation, oxygen, to prevent further spread of surface flames, to fire, flame retardant, and low smoke...


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1, endothermic effect

The amount of heat released by any combustion in a shorter period of time is limited. If the heat is released in a short period of time, the flame temperature will be reduced, 
According to the nature of flame retardant which kind of flame retardant mechanism, we go to choose flame retardants,

1, endothermic mechanism

Some of the flame retardant heat decomposition wi
Because of the different PP matrix, such as homogeneous PP and copolymerized PP, because of its internal olefin content is different, it is because the copolymer PP inside the PE side chain, PP in the